Extend Your Laptop and Notepad Battery Life by Up To 30%!

• Easy to use, installs in seconds
• Increase your battery run-time beyond your current battery life
• Works with ANY laptop running Windows 7, Vista, or XP 

Laptop Warrior

Has Your Battery Died In The Middle of Something Important?

Let the Laptop Warrior increase your up-time by as much as 30%! If your battery lasts for only three hours, then Laptop Warrior can boost you to almost four hours! Laptop Warrior analyzes the power consumption of all of the elements in your laptop and interactively manages unused processes and hardware and puts them in idle mode until needed. This basically reduces your power consumption and increases your battery up-time.

Purchase, download and install the Laptop Warrior software from this site, or if you have the hardware memory stick version just plug in the Laptop Warrior upon a full charge and maximize your battery life between charging cycles. (software loads in seconds, remove the USB drive after software loads)

Up to 30% more timebuynow7